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***** “Mirror Me was beautifully performed. At 45 minutes long, it ticked all of the boxes a children’s show requires: good story, well performed, audience participation, music, talking parrot... Highly recommended”.

***** “A wonderful romp of a piece. Add in some Dr. Seuss style rhyming couplets throughout, a barmy parrot, and music and songs, and you’ve got something that’s captivating not just for children but for adults … it’s everything you can really ask of a piece of children’s theatre: fun and engaging for both polars of the age scale.”
Grumpy Gay Critic

“Mirror Me is a sweet play, aimed at younger children. With a puppet parrot, songs, shouting, participation, a chance to stomp feet and some cheeky words to amuse the kids … Aiden (3 and a half) laughed very loudly at some of the jokes and he ‘Liked the bit when they swapped rooms and when they went back home’”
Primary Times

“This fun and friendly show from Hello Theatre explores the idea of what would happen if you swapped places with the person in the mirror. There is no question that it ticks all of the boxes of what you would expect and want from a children’s show”.
Broadway Baby


***** “My toddler loved this show... it's the first one she's warmed up to quickly... Her grandpa and myself also enjoyed it so it's not a show where the parents will be constantly checking their watches. Highly recommended.”
Esther Overbeeke

“Fantastic show! Probably the best children's show we've seen at the Fringe this year… 4-year-old daughter loved it and enjoyed participating… Well-acted and great music, with singing that the children all seemed keen to join in with. Highly recommended.”

Wendy Reid

“This was a delightful show…  executed in a quality way at just the right level to keep the young audience engaged, at times shouting out, joining in with songs, doing actions, and in a moment of peril for the main character Ani, sitting quietly in anticipation! I would highly recommend this show to young families.”
Dawn Devine

“The show certainly ticks all the right boxes. Live music, songs, rhymes, puppets and audience interaction help to create this lovely little piece of children’s theatre… Mirror Me is perfect for children ages nine and under or for anyone that likes to have a good time!”
Eva McKenna